photography kevin slack

Excellent photographer Kevin Slack (see 8.21.09 and other pages) lives in Toronto. Born in 1969, he studied visual arts at the University of Western Ontario and lived in Korea and Equador working as an English teacher and bank clerk. Kevin began taking photographs in 2004 for wedding services, actually works for advertising and editorials, and regularly for the gay magazine "fab". Kevin often travels to Cuba, where this beautiful " Jorge Luis' seduction" has been shooted. During his various travels to Cuba, Kevin Slack has made many friends among the local men, last year returned to Havana with a risky project. Orly and Jorge Luis are two friends and accepted to pose, their mutual affinity is so real and honest that there is little shame or constraints between them, they are comfortable in sharing their intimacy with the photographer. The result is magical. Unspoken and never experienced emotions have come out in a work that without doubt belong to some of Kevin Slack's best works ever. ( Thanks to BeautifulMag).


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